By all counts, email should already be dead. I mean, really: Everyone hates it. Few can master it. And more companies than I can count have set out to assassinate it. Just to name a few: Chatbots were supposed to kill email. So was Facebook Messenger. Project management software Asana led the email-slaying circuit for a while, and more recently, thousands of words have been written about Slack’s sure-thing mission to obliterate our inboxes.

Oh, and don’t forget the millennials. Those blasted millennials are absolutely, positively on the brink of ending email once and for all.  Yet, for all the animosity, email, by most measures, is not only thriving but also spawning a whole new style of publishing—one that promises to fill an important void in the modern media landscape.

And a tiny Dutch company called Revue wants to make sure everyone—from large publishers all the way down to individual writers—can tap into that power.

Personal publishing 2.0
Martijn de Kuijper first saw the seeds of email’s editorial evolution taking shape three years ago. De Kuijper—a serial entrepreneur based in Utrecht, Netherlands, 20 miles southeast of Amsterdam—found himself growing frustrated with the less-than-stellar venues the internet offered for following his interests. “I was missing out on topics and on information,” he says. “I was following people on Twitter, and I thought: ‘There must be a better way.’”

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