Getting a college degree takes a lot of hard work. But is it worth it? As with many of the world’s great quandaries, the answer is this: It depends. These days, more and more employers look at a college degree as a prerequisite for job seekers. But the truth is a lot of people make a living (and a good one) without one.

Is college really worth the cost? Let’s explore some of the pros and cons.

Do college graduates make a higher salary? In general, yes. According to the U.S. Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics, those with a bachelor’s degree make nearly twice the income of someone with only a high school diploma.
That being said, not all college majors are created equal. Among the majors that make the most money out of college are engineering, math and computer science. Not surprisingly, some of the lowest include art, religious studies, and early childhood and elementary education.

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